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ManPlayingGuitar HeadPhones Our band is called Trigger Fish Rocks because we want to be able to make
the music industry sound and look different. We are still looking to get signed,
and we are going to keep making great music that we love. We are very proud
of the music we have made, and you can check out our website to see what
you can get from us when you need it. We do play gigs, and we are really happy
to get with you about the music that we have already made and recorded.
Equipment There are a lot of people who love rock and roll, and we are in that camp. We want to
make sure that our rock and roll sounds different, and we want it to feel great when
you sit down to listen to your music. We want you to feel moved by what we are
doing, and we will keep putting out music that you can listen to online.

We are free to take the gigs that you have, and we want to be able to come to play for
you. We have all our own gear ready to go, and we will set up to make sure that you
have a great experience in any venue. This is going to be much easier for you to enjoy
because we take care of everything when we are coming to play your gigs.

We have made our name because we have the best music to play,
but we are also going to make
your events
ManListeningToMusic We believe in the power of music to change lives, and we want to
help you make sure that you are going to have something nice to
listen to. Come hear us so that you will be able to enjoy our new
style of rock and roll.
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